RDASM projects

The Regional Development Agency of South Moravia contributes to regional development through the realisation of its own activities and projects.

  • In the field of the regeneration of brownfield sites it takes the role of a support institution, mapping unused premises and buildings in the region, collecting, analysing, publishing and promoting activities increasing awareness of the issue.
  • The publication Survival Kit, which we have brought out since 2002, helps investors and their foreign employees to better orient themselves in the South Moravian Region.
  • We prepared the tourism project Napoleonic Moravia with a focus on the historic theme of the Napoleonic campaigns with the aim of increasing interest in the history and beauty of the region, and in the catchiest and most entertaining manner.
  • Each month we produce a Grant Calendar as an overview of current information about grant titles for the European Union, the Czech Republic, the South Moravian Region and other institutions.
  • We are administrators of the Austria-Czech Republic Small Projects Fund for the South Moravian Region.