Napoleonic Moravia

"The Napoleonic Moravia" project combines the historic topic of the Napoleonic campaigns with the presentation of the places and beauties of South Moravia where European history unfolded.

South Moravia is a place that left a significant trace in the European history of the early 19th century, especially owing to the famous Battle of Three Emperors near Austerlitz (Slavkov), an engagement involving the armies of French Emperor Napoleon, Russian Tsar Alexander I and Austrian Emperor Francis II. In addition to many other related historic events, South Moravia was the scene of another memorable battle – the 1809 Battle of Znaim (Znojmo).

The objective of the project is to offer an attractive visit to interesting locations and events related to this theme. Thus, visitors to the region can familiarise themselves not just with the beauties of present-day South Moravia, but also its history.

A web portal,, was set up as a useful source of information including the Calendar of Napoleonic Events held in the region and 30 recommended places where the Napoleonic history unfolded. If you prefer more sophisticated channels for absorbing the contemporary spirit, watch the videos available on the website. Did you go through the sections and find any of them interesting? Look at Tip for Trip and get to know the beauties of South Moravia first hand.

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Since 2013, with support from the South Moravian Region, the Regional Development Agency of South Moravia has been developing co-operation within a project involving municipalities, special-interest associations, museums, military history clubs and businesses. The co-operation resulted in new promotional materials, mobile apps and video documents as well as the recently established event combining history and culture, Napoleon in Brno (more details at New tourist destinations are under preparation and will soon be presented to increase the number of people interested in South Moravia’s history and its beauty.

Napoleonic Moravia