Survival Kit

Since 2002 the Agency has been publishing the Survival Kit, a set of basic information from various sectors important for orientation in the region, for both investors and their foreign employees. The objective of the publication is to provide basic information to foreign companies and expats on business and life in the South Moravian Region.

 Experts from a range of private companies and the public sector contribute to the publication. The parties involved include the Czerwenka & partner law office, PricewaterhouseCoopers auditors, and institutions and parties such as CEITEC, International Clinical Research Centre, Technology Transfer Office at Masaryk University, South Moravian Innovation Centre, South Moravian Centre for International Mobility and others.

A 15th edition was released in 2016 and is available in the printed English version and also on the Agency’s website, in English and Czech.

The publication has become not only a useful and sought-for instrument of assistance to foreign investors and an important aid in the promotion of the South Moravian Region, but we feel honoured that it has also become an inspiring tool for other regions and parties in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Survival Kit 2017

Survival Kit